Thursday, August 9, 2012


I had the amazing opportunity to attend 2 days of the Illinois State SHRM conference this past Sunday and Monday. First, thank you to Dave Ryan (@davethehrczar) and John Jorgensen (@jkjhr) for the hospitality.  They were amazing hosts and treated my like royalty.  I am so blessed to have had the opportunity for this experience.  They helped make that happen!

There were so many people I met IRL.  Remember, it's not about the number of Twitter followers or friends you have on Facebook.  It's about the relationships you build with those friends.  I had the thrilling opportunity to meet Buzz Rooney (@thebuzzonhr).  She was at the conference on the Social Media Crew.  If you haven't gotten to know her, you can find her blog at  We met on Sunday and she was my conference buddy from then on!  She introduced me to so many folks I had never met.  I appreciate her taking me under her wing and helping this introvert!!

I also had the opportunity to meet the ever so beautiful Susan Avello (@susanavello).  She is just as bubbly in person as she is online.  Susan wrote a humbling blog post about me on her blog,  I am so thankful for her guidance and support online. 

Here is a picture of Susan and Buzz as we were getting ready for TalentNetLive to start:

I also had the opportunity to meet another fellow blogger for the first time.  His name is Chris Fields (@new_resource).   You can find his blog at Chris has been supporting me online and offline for several months. He is someone who truly cares about people and the relationships he makes with them.   

I can't even begin to list all the folks I met and hung out with.  But let's say I was able to meet everyone IRL  that I was hoping to meet.  I can't wait to share with you all my experiences and learning from this trip.  I'm still on the here is a teaser to hold you over until next week's blog post.



  1. That's so sweet Nicole. It was so great to have you at the conference and I wish I could have spent more time with you. Hope to see you soon and keep up the great writing.

  2. We were tickled to have you with us, and to get the opportunity to meet you IRL. Thanks you for being such a gracious guest.