Thursday, August 16, 2012

I am a Dancer!

Did you know that I am a dancer?  Well, I didn't either until I went to ILSHRM12 last week.  Here are some adjectives that I would have used to describe myself BEFORE I went to this conference:
  • Organized and Schedule Driven
  • Socially Introverted
  • Not a Risk Taker
  • Not a Dancer
Here is how I would describe myself AFTER ILSHRM12:
  • Still Organized and Schedule Driven
  • Less Socially Introverted
  • A Little more of a Risk Taker
  • A Dancer
Ok, so you can't change me that easily overnight.  The point being, there are a couple of guys from Talent Anarchy named Jason Lauritsen and Joe Gerstandt that spoke at the conference.  I have followed these guys on Twitter for quite a long time.  I even tweeted about being geeked to meet them at the conference.  Sadly, I didn't introduce myself to them (See note above: Socially Introverted). When they started talking about Happiness Matters when it comes to life, I thought, "Yeah, it does - but who really is happy."  Jason asked the crowd how many of us were dancers.  About 1/4 of the room raised their hands.  Then Jason asked us why the rest of us didn't raise our hands.  There were tons of excuses. 

Then, it happened - Yep FLASH MOB!!

So, Jason said, "Everybody up. I'm going to teach you three dance moves.  Then we'll put it together and you'll all be dancers." And...he did.  We were all dancers for that brief moment in time. 

In is a link to a video of it shot by Donna Rogers. I fully admit, I am in the front row in the orange dress with black sweater dancing my heart out.  Why? Because someone told me I could dance. 

So, my challenge to you is - are you holding yourself back because you haven't told yourself that you can accomplish something?

Guess what else I am going to do?  When Jason and Joe are at OHSHRM in September - I am going to fly my freak flag and intentionally hang out with those amazing guys. 

Are you a Dancer?

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  1. Behold the power of Talent Anarchy! Great post Nicole.