Thursday, June 7, 2012

To Tweet or Not To Tweet...

That is the question!

So many HR Professionals don't see any value in using Twitter for Business Use.  Most follks think it's nothing more than sharing your Four Square location, discussing what you had for dinner, or posting pictures of your dog.  I, on the other hand, have seen firsthand the usefulness that is Twitter.

I have received breaking NLRB news about the recent overturn of the expediting of the union campaign process.  I have received information on HR job openings in our area (and around the US) and have sent the info on to collegues that were looking for a position.  I have received updates from the SHRM foundation on scholarship opportunities.  I have met a native Ohioian that's on a mission to help folks get help with their resumes.  I have received info on new product launches by my favorite companies.

So, who do I follow on Twitter?
  • I follow news - Business (@TLNT), National (@CNN), and Local (@13ABC). 
  • I follow other HR Professionals - Local (@karlinn2cool), State (@sbrownehr), and Regional (@davethehrczar) and National (@jrkuhns)
  • I follow SHRM and their associated - @SHRM, @SHRMFoundation, @SHRMFdnBeth
  • I follow Job Boards - @HRJobs
  • I follow Leaders - @SimonTBailey, @ChinaGorman, @Lolly Daskal, @beckyrbsn
  • I follow awesome folks that just want to make a difference in our Profession - like @new_resource.  If you don't know who Chris Fields is, you should check out his blog here.
If you are not on Twitter, I suggest you check out this link.  It's Twitter 101 for HR Professionals by Mark Stelzer (another great resource if you are in HR).  He does an outstanding job helping us get acquainted with this Social Media Tool.

We are going to take the next few weeks to cover some topics that I wish I had known more about when I started Tweeting.  Things like, Terminology, Blocking Spammers, How to use the search tools, Tweetchats, and Lists.  If there is something additional you would like to see a post about, please let me know. 

So...Who do you follow?

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