Thursday, May 31, 2012


The last post in this series focuses on following companies on LinkedIn.  For those of you who have a limited amount of time to spend on social media (hint==>all of us) you may be asking yourself why you should follow companies on LinkedIn.  Here's a few reasons why I follow the companies I do:

1.  It's my company.
2.  I like the products or services that the company offers.
3.  I love to see how other companies use social media.

Let's start with the first item.  If your company is on LinkedIn, and you are on LinkedIn, then why aren't you following them?  I bet your company posts job openings, talks about new products or services, and their company profile page will show you the new folks that started at your company that are also on LinkedIn.  Seriously, I shouldn't have to beg you to follow your own company.

The next reason is because I like the products or services that the company offers.  This is an easy one to share with you.  I follow Duracell - you know, the battery people.  I follow them because of the work they do with the Red Cross.  My dad works with the Red Cross when there are disasters across the country.  When he went to Alabama a few years back, I found out that Duracell had a semi-truck brought in that had huge batteries on it.  People could plug in cell phones, emergency lights, and anything those local victims needed to plug in as well as what the volunteers needed to do their job.  I was so proud of how that company helped during a time of disaster. is the main reason I follow companies on LinkedIn.  I LOVE to see how other companies are using social media to market their employment brand and company culture.  One company that I find intriguing is Deluxe Corporation.  When you go their company page on LinkedIn, you will find an overview of the company (including any connections you may have with people at that company), Careers that they have available, and Products and Services that they offer. 

I first came accross this company through a blog post by JenniferMcClure from Unbridled Talent, LLC.  Side note...Jennifer is an amazing human being that can help your company with social recruiting and employment branding.   Deluxe uses everything from their own company blog, to youtube videos showing the environment you would be working in, to what their lunchroom looks like via LinkedIn! What a way to involve a candidate from the start in the recruitment process.

So, tell me, what companies do you follow on LinkedIn? And why?


  1. Thanks for highlighting the great things that the folks at Deluxe are doing - as well as the other organizations you've listed! I find it helpful to have other companies to follow and learn from along the social media journey.

    Also, thanks for the mention in your post and for your kind comments! I really appreciate it and look forward to learning more from you via HR Roots!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! I appreciate your feedback and all the things you have taught me over the last few years!