Thursday, June 14, 2012

Twitter Speak

I have met (HNMIRL) so many new folks to Twitter over the past few months.  If they are anything like me, Twitter can be overwhelming.  There are so many acronyms to figure out.  I spent the first few months of my Twitter life "lurking."  I followed a few folks on Twitter and then watched what they did.  So, here are a few Twitter terms to get you started. 
  •  Your Twitter handle is your user name.  All handles start with an @ symbol.  My name on Twitter is @nicoleoch. 

  • The # symbol is for searching/trending on Twitter.  It's called a hash tag.  For instance, if I wanted to see all the Tweets surrounding our upcoming Ohio State SHRM Conference I would do a search for #OHSHRM. 

  • RT means re-tweeted.  If someone on Twitter likes something you said, they will re-tweet it to their followers.

  • MT means Modified Tweet.  If someone on Twitter wants to add some commentary  to a tweet you wrote, but their commentary exceeds the 140 characters allowed, then they have to modify the Tweet.

  • #FF - This one took me a little while to understand.  It stands for Follow Friday.  If you wanted to let your followers know about someone they should be following you would tweet, "#FF to these awesome #HR pros @davethehrczar @jrkuhns @sbrownehr @trishmcfarlane"

  • DM - This stands for direct message.  Twitter has a feature called direct messaging.  I'll get deeper into this on a future post.  Just understand what the definition is for now.

  • HNMIRL - My friend @davethehrczar created this one.  It means "have not met in real life."

For my Twitter Friends, leave a comment with some of the "Twitter Speak" that new to Twitter users should know!

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