Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome to my Garden!

man with tree roots When I started in HR, I was blessed to have a mentor (@_StaceyChapman).  I didn't know anyone else in the profession, and yes, that was way before Facebook and Twitter.  I can remember asking her out to lunch one day where I nervously said, "OK, I have this paperwork thing figured out. I want to get involved in the strategic side of things.  How do I do that?" To which she smiled and proceeded to give me her advice for learning "Strategic" HR.  Then, she brought me right along beside her when working on projects and prepping for navigation team meetings.  Then, she left the company.  I freaked out! Now what do I do...

She hadn't left my life completely, just the position she had so graciously helped me learn.  She was on to pursue her next journey in life.  To fulfill her passion and dream.  She had given me the root structure I needed to continue to grow.  She had such a profound influence on my life that I knew I had to pay forward what Roots she had given me. 

So...here I am!  There are so many great individuals helping folks grow their Roots in HR.  My purpose through this blog is to help folks make those intentional connections.  Along with my posts, I'll be sharing some social media tips, and highlighting some incredible bloggers along the way. Thanks for spending some time in my garden. 

How are you strengthening someone's HR Roots?

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