Thursday, July 19, 2012

Barriers to Innovation

I wrote this post several months ago, but am just now launching it.  You see, I wanted to give you a better insight into these "Tweetchats" I referred to last week.  One Tweetchat that I try to attend at least once a month is "TChat" better known as Talent Chat.  "TChat" is every Wednesday, from 7-8pm EST. If you aren't familiar with Meghan Biro and Kevin Grossman, you should be.  The Talent Culture blog can be found at

That particular night, a very diverse and multi-national group of folks were discussing innovation in the workplace.  There were three topics that left me thinking...

1.  Are we leaders or managers (and I don't mean your job title)?
             My honest answer: manager 

2.  Do we foster an environment of innovation in our workplaces?
             My honest answer: I don't foster an environment of innovation

3.  How do we remove barriers to innovation in our workplaces?
             My honest answer: I'm not sure

This Tweetchat left me thinking about my purpose in the workplace.  Sure, we are all paid to "do a job." However, what would we do if we let our team members stop managing and start leading.  By the way, I haven't completely figured this out yet.  I probably never will.  But the folks on that chat had some great ideas to get me started. 

So, I encourage you...start your Tweetchat lurking with "TChat" next week.  Let me know what you learn!

Have a great week!

You can catch the recap of that chat on innovation on Talent Culture's website at:

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  1. Great post, honesty, and challenges to your readers. Well done Nicole!